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Transform visions into unforgettable lighting experiences with Traxon. Now proudly represented by Convergence.

change your batteries!

Keep your smoke detectors in good working order. Be sure to change your batteries. 

Looking to upgrade? Check out the new Intelligent Wire-Free Alarms from Kidde!

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Smart home control made simple. 

Lutron RA2 Select

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proudly representing ge lamps and ballasts

We moved!

The lights are officially on at our new home.
103 E 18th Ave. North Kansas City, MO.


Introducing Vive – a revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for any building. 

refining refinery lighting

Appleton Mercmaster LED sheds a whole new
light on your critical industrial space.

outdoor ground box

Legrand opens a new world of possibilities to make the most of your outdoor spaces by delivering power, data, or AV connectivity with the new Outdoor Ground Box. It’s the first UL-listed while in use in-ground box that provides permanent power and is always “on.” 


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