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Lighting, Control & Shades

Doug Olson
VP Convergence North - GM Lighting

direct 515-348-6003
Email Doug

Jeff Kephart
GM Controls - IA/NE

direct 515-348-6009
Email Jeff

Brenda Golwitzer
GM Specification - IA/NE

direct 515-452-0901
Email Brenda

Ryan Filbrandt
GM Lighting - Nebraska

direct 531-205-2456
Email Ryan

Rachelle Downes
Distributor and Contractor Sales
Eastern Iowa

direct 515-348-6010
Email Rachelle Downes

Kelly Casel
Customer Service - IA/NE

direct 515-348-6006
Email Kelly

Bob Workman
Specification Sales
Eastern Iowa

direct 515-348-6011
Email Bob Workman

Jeffrey Kistner
Controls Specialist
Eastern Iowa

direct 515-452-8011
Email Jeffrey

Brian Schmitz
Controls Specialist
Central Iowa

direct 515-348-6043
Email Brian

Justin Cooper
Contractor/Distributor Sales Central Iowa

direct 515-348-6007
Email Justin

Scott Friedrichsen
Inside Sales - IA/NE

direct 515-348-6008
Email Scott

Dorrie Teed
Office Manager - IA/NE

direct 515-348-6005
Email Dorrie

Pete Veren
Specification Sales
Central Iowa

direct 515-348-6004
Email Pete

Joe Drey
Contractor Distributor Sales - DSM Metro

direct 515-348-6001
Email Joe

Chris Gingery
Administrator - IA/NE

Aric Robinson
Contractor and Distributor Sales
Western Nebraska

direct 531-215-8040
Email Aric

Julie Bergbreiter
Customer Service - IA/NE

direct 515-452-0903
Email Julie

Adam Wallace
Inside Controls Specialist - IA/NE

direct 515-452-0900
Email Adam

Jeff Chapelle
Specification Sales - Nebraska

direct 531-215-8041
Email Jeff

Tim Bohr
Distributor Program Manager

direct 515-452-0905
Email Tim

Dave Pickering
Inside Controls Specialist - IA/NE

direct 515-452-0902
Email Dave

Myles Johnson
Contractor/Distributor Sales NW Iowa / NE Neb

direct 531-215-8011
Email Myles

Brie Gutknecht
Inside Sales - IA/NE

direct 531-215-8012
Email Brie

Nic Woods
Inside Sales IA/NE

direct 515-452-0904
Email Nic